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Impact Of The New Surrogacy (regulation) Act, 2021 On Surrogacy Arrangements In India.

Abstract: The implementation of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021[i] is expected to have a significant impact on surrogacy arrangements in India. This new law regulates surrogacy arrangements and establishes a framework for the legal and ethical conduct of surrogacy in India. Under this law, only Indian married couples who have been married for at least …

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A Study On Custody Of Child And Visitation Rights Under Personal Laws In India

ABSTRACT The Child Custodianship actions are brought forward either during or following the dissolution of marriage or separation by the court. The laws governing who shall obtain the custodial rights of the child fluctuates according to the personal laws nonetheless the fundamental aim associated with the custody is inevitably exactly the same, that is, wellbeing and optimum …

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Compulsory License under Patent’s Act 1970

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.[i]    The term “intellectual property rights” (IPR) alludes to the legal privileges granted to the inventor or creator to safeguard their work for a predetermined amount of time. These legal …

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Comparative Analysis Of The Consumer Protection Act (1986-2019)

Abstract:- Even before India attained independence, the rulers were accountable for consumer protection. In 1986, a consumer protection law that only focuses on protecting consumers was enacted. The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 (CPA 1986), which was approved by Parliament in 1986, was regarded as one of the finest legislation for protecting consumers. However, dishonesty …

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Liability of banks in Fraudulent Transactions

Abstract The continuous presence of fraudulent activities in Banking Institutions is not a foreign concept. Banking frauds in India only prove that financial flexibility catalysts the trend of shallow markets to grow and spread speculation and tends to deteriorate the growth of the market in a peculiar way from which recovery seems extremely difficult. Revaluation …

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Adoption by Widow

Introduction India is known for its diversity, which has always made it unique and evolved over time from ancient India to modern India. Based on their distinct religions, cultures, and beliefs, Indians adhere to their own personal laws. All religions’ personal laws primarily address the concepts of marriage, maintenance, succession, and gifts. A striking difference between the personal laws comes up when we talk about Adoption because in Hindu law adoption is widely recognised and is …

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Laying-off Employees – Governance Under The Indian Law

ABSTRACT Lay-off under Indian law can be understood as a temporary suspension of an employee whose name has been registered in the muster roll of his industrial establishment and who has not been retrenched due to lack of coal, power, or raw materials, the accumulation of stocks, the breakdown of machinery, a natural disaster, or …

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Domain Dispute in India

Today, domain names can be seen on billboards, TV commercials, and other advertisements, but for those without websites, it is still unclear what exactly a domain name is, what components make it up, and how it is used. We must first comprehend the definition of the word “domain” in order to comprehend domain disputes in India or any other nation. As per the Oxford dictionary, a Domain Name is a name that identifies a website or group of websites on the internet. Basically, a domain name is an extension added to a website. The …

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